Seasonal Winter Vegetables to Add to Your Diet Today!

While we are in the midst of winter, take advantage of buying some of the best winter produce in season right now! What are some reasons to buy produce in season?

  1. They tastes better. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown at its preferred climate and when they’re picked for consumption, they are more likely to be naturally ripened on the vine or the tree. They tend to taste fresher, more flavorful and perfectly ripe. They also usually offer higher amounts of nutrients compared to when the same produce are grown and harvested off season.
  2. They’re more affordable. The costs of produce in season are typically lower because markets don’t have to source them from far away areas where the climate might be different thus saving money on transportation costs.
  3. Better for the environment. Buy locally-sourced produce to avoid the added costs of travel which can be associated with higher fuel emissions. One of the best ways to explore local and in season produce is to visit a farmer’s market.

See below for some ideas of current vegetables in season.
What are some of your favorite winter vegetables?

Infographic created by nutrition intern, Nicole Smolen
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