*NOTE: In light of COVID-19, all appointments will be virtual.

Want to optimize your health and feel good again? There is nutrition counseling here to help.

Meet 1-on-1 with Julie to address nutrition and health concerns and come up with a customized plan based on your unique needs. No matter your starting place, I’d love to help you make positive changes to your health.

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My nutrition offerings are a great match to anyone seeking the following:

  • Nutrition therapy for management of certain medical conditions
  • Weight management
  • Stress management and wellness coaching
  • General health optimization and disease prevention


(75 minutes)

During this session, we will complete an assessment to get to know you and your health goals. We will work together to comprehensively understand and evaluate factors that affect or may be underlying causes to current diet and lifestyle, such as environment, exercise, stress, sleep, medications and more. We will create a plan so you know what to do and can get started immediately. A consultation is ideal for someone who may just have a few nutrition questions and need guidance on building a healthier plate.

Follow up
(40 minutes)

Schedule a follow-up appointment for support, to review progress, introduce new strategies, discuss any setbacks and make adjustments to the plan as necessary to keep you moving forward. Review of food and/or symptom journal, training log, meal planning support, recipe ideas and supporting nutritional resources will be provided as needed.


“I’m all in!” coaching packages are designed for those who are ready to commit to working together over several months in a structured format that consists of nutrition consultation, regular follow up’s and check-in’s. Ideal for those who understand the importance of accountability, willing to have open discussions at check in’s, enjoys brainstorming ideas or thoughts with a coach and are committed to make significant changes that require self-evaluation and hard work. Contact me for more details.

Genetic Testing

DNA testing to discover how individual genetic variation affects a person’s response to nutrients and impacts the risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases. To learn more, visit here. Contact me for more details.

Speaking &

If you’re interested in discussing about collaboration or consulting in product development, speaking opportunities, and company wellness programs, please email


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