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My nutrition philosophy.

I Believe
…nutrition should be personalized! Everyone is unique. Nutrition counseling should be tailored to fit in a person’s health history, eating environments, and nutrition goals.

…nutrition needs to be realistic. Life is unpredictable so learning to build flexibility into your diet is important.

…it’s essential to find balance. The best and most sustainable nutrition plan is a balanced one

.…finding the right support and guidance will keep you moving forward and getting over challenges.

Hello! I’m a Los Angeles-based registered dietitian nutritionist and also a certified nutrition support clinician. I love helping people discover and maintain a healthful diet and lifestyle that can not only prevent disease, but also promote a happy mind, body and spirit.

My story. I first realized the importance of nutrition after a family member was diagnosed with a condition called gout. Prior to that, no one talked to us much about nutrition. We were given a handout, but we still had many questions. This experience proved to be a challenge but it created awareness of nutrition. I desired to further understand the relationship between food and health and to help people like my family get their questions about nutrition answered. As a dietitian, I am able to do that and I am passionate about getting to know my clients and guiding them with personalized advice so they can find their own healthy habits.

I started my career as a dietitian in 2014. My background includes a Bachelor’s in Biology from University of California, San Diego, a Master’s in Nutritional Science (MS) from California State University, Los Angeles and completion of an accredited dietetic internship through Oakwood University. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, reading, watching movies, traveling and doing arts and craft. I am a first time mom and I’ve recently been enjoying learning to prep nutritious baby foods!

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