How to build a healthy breakfast

As a dietitian, I almost always recommend eating breakfast daily. A good quality breakfast fuels you up for the day! What makes it a good quality breakfast? Read on to find out what you should look for in your breakfast. You’ll also find some easy breakfast ideas down below.

Tips to building a good quality breakfast: 

  1. Include protein (eggs, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, turkey, chicken, tofu…). The size of your protein source should be similar to a deck of playing cards or if it’s liquid protein such as milk, make sure it is 1 cup.
  2. Choose healthy carbohydrates such as foods with fiber and contain whole grains (breads, cereals…). Look for foods with at least 5g fiber per serving.
  3. Don’t forget the fruits and vegetables that can add a spectrum of vitamins in your day (along with fiber). Try bananas, apples, berries, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach or broccoli…
  4. Try to stay away from high sugary items. Look for items with 6g of sugar per serving or less. The sugar rush may cause detrimental consequences to your day such as early onset of fatigue or even cause stomachaches.

Easy, simple and healthy breakfast ideas:

  • Egg or egg white omelet with spinach, onions, tomatoes on a whole grain muffin or bread
  • Cottage cheese with fruit of your choice + 1/2 tsp of chia seed or flaxseed
  • Whole grain cereal with milk mixed with fruit of choice
  • Avocado toast with chopped tomatoes and sesame seeds sprinkled on top
  • Whole grain bagel with hummus spread
  • Ground turkey and egg skillet
  • Smoothies (consider adding a serving of protein powder if you do not have any other protein source in your breakfast). Blend with chia seed or flaxseed
  • Whole grain tortilla with scrambled eggs and salsa
  • Peanut butter sandwich with bananas
  • Roasted sweet potatoes with black beans and salsa
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